Bishop Jonathan Holt Titcomb D.D. (1819-1887)

Bishop Jonathan Holt Titcomb D.D. (1819-1887) was an English Anglican minister, and the first Anglican bishop of Rangoon, Burma. After five years of ministry in Burma he was encouraged to retire due to bad health, and then he returned to England. After recovering he became the deputy for the Bishop of London for the Anglican Church. After his time in Burma, he also became the President of the Metropolitan Anglo-Israel Association and was a contributor to The Banner of Israel publication.

During his life he wrote many articles on the Anglo-Israel message, including several books. One of the best is British-Israel: How I Came to Believe It, which was first published under the name The Anglo-Israel Post Bag in 1876. In this book Titcomb lays out how he came to believe Anglo-Israel is true, and his method of study that brought him to that conclusion. Rev. James Mountain, another Anglican minister and Anglo-Israel believer, said this concerning Titcomb, “He was a learned man of sound judgment, urbane and of lovable character. He won the affection of all who knew him. He was a courageous and fearless in his proclamation of Israel truth.”

Titcomb also wrote the follow books during his ministry on various subjects: Heads of Prayer for Daily Private Devotion (1830), Bible Studies (1851), Baptism, its Institution, its Privileges, and its Responsibilities (1866), The Doctrine of the Real Presence in the Lord’s Supper (1868), Revelation in Progress from Adam to Malachi (1871), Cautions for Doubters (1880), Church Lessons for Young Churchmen (1873), Is it not Reasonable? A Dialogue on the Anglo-Israel Controversy (1877), Liberationist Fallacies (1877), Before the Cross: A Book of Devout Meditation (1878), A Message to the Nineteenth Century: A Work on Anglo-Israelism (1887).