Charles A. Weisman (1954-2016)

By: Matthew D. Dyer

Above picture taken at a Scriptures for America Branson, MO conference

Charles A. Weisman (1954-2016) was born June 6th, 1954 and passed away on October 8th 2016. Weisman graduated from St. Cloud State University in 1977 with a B.S. degree in Business Management. Charles held several supervisory positions overseeing electronic technicians for several computer companies near Apple Valley, MN.

While working a full-time job, Weisman also ran his own publishing company called Weisman Publications in Apple Valley, where he published books written by himself and others. Weisman wrote well over 40 books on a range of topic on Biblical studies, race, history, government, health, economics, and many others. Weisman also was a popular speaker at many Anglo-Israel conferences and camps. Below is a list of some of the books he authored:

Taxes: A Moral Issue (1985)
The Mint and Coinage Acts (1987)
Laws and Principles of Marriage (1988)
The Right To Keep & Bear Arms (1989)
America: White, Free, and Christian (1989)
The Origin of Race and Civilization (1990)
Who Is Esau-Edom? (1991)
A Handbook of Bible Law (1991)
The Law on Abortion (1992)
The Case Against Military Drafts and Conscriptions (1992)
Facts & Fictions on Noah’s Flood (1992)
Sodomites On Trial (1993)
Jesus Christ in the Old Testament (1993)
Treatise ‘On’ Arrest and False Imprisonment (1993)
The Sabbath and the Lord’s Day (1994)
An Expose of the Roman Catholic Church (1994)
The Kingdom of God in Perspective (1994)
The Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Dead (1995)
Salvation and Eternal Life (1995)
Jewish Identity (1996)
The Authority of Law (1996)
Life, Liberty and Property (1997)
What About The Seedline Doctrine? (1997)
The Great Tribulation Hoax (1997)
Anthology of Racial Issues (1997)
Race, Intelligence, and Culture (1997)
Jefferson And Lincoln On Race And Slavery (1997)
Is Universalism of God? (1999)
Essential Health Issues (2000)
Not of One Blood (2001)
Antichrist in the Land (2002)
Flaxseed Lignan (2003) (Co-authored with Dan Junker)
We Are Not Under The Law (2003)
The Sacred Name Issue (2006)
The Power of Music: For Good and Evil (2008)
White America (2014)
Christian America (2014)
Who Are The Terrorist? (2016)
The Right To Travel
Cancer Issues and Problems
Black Salve An Herbal Cancer Treatment
The De facto Government of the United States
Traffic Ticket Manuel
For The Love of Money
Maxims of Law