Col. John Cox Gawler (1830-1882)

Col. John Cox Gawler (1830-1882) was an English Colonel in the British military and author. Gawler’s father, George Gawler, was a Lieutenant-Colonel and the 2nd Governor of South Australia. Gawler followed his fathers’ footsteps and went into the military joining the 73rd Regiment and fought during the 8th Xhosa War in Africa in between 1850 to 1853. In 1855 he was appointed as a special magistrate in British Kaffraria, Africa. Gawler in 1870 was appointed as Keeper of the Jewel House in the Tower of London, which he held until his death in 1882. Col. Gawler was a firm believer in the Anglo-Israel truth, writing Our Scythian Ancestors (1875), Dan, the pioneer of Israel (1880), and The Two Olive Trees (1881).