Dr. George Moore (1803–1880)

Dr. George Moore (1803–1880) was an English physician and author. Moore studied surgical practice at St. Bartholomew’s in London, England, and anatomy in Paris, France. Moore had a very successful medical career earning such titles as M.R.C.S [Member Royal College of Surgeons] in 1829, L.S.A in 1830, M.D. at St. Andrews in 1841, and M.R.C.S [Member Royal College of Physicians] in 1859. Moore considered himself a Baptist, but later in life attended a Congregational Church. He was mentioned in the British Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900, Volume 38. Dr. Moore published at least eleven books during his life on subjects such as medical, psychology, archeology, and one on the Anglo-Israel message in 1861 titled Lost Tribes & the Saxons of the East & the Saxons of the West. He became aware of the Anglo-Israel truth after reading John Wilson’s book Our Israelitish Origins.