Ferrar Fenton (1832-1920)

Ferrar Fenton (1832-1920) was a London businessman and Bible translator. Fenton took upon himself a lifetime work of translating the Bible from its original languages or Hebrew and Greek into English, into what would be known as The Bible in Modern English, which is commonly referred to as the Ferrar Fenton Bible. He read the New Testament in Greek for 40 years before starting his translation. He first published the Book of Romans in 1882, the rest of Paul’s Epistles in 1884, and other parts of the Bible thereafter, and completing the whole Bible in 1903.

Fenton was a direct descendant of Roger Fenton (1565–1615), who worked on translating the 1611 authorized King James Version of the Bible. (29) Fenton was a believer in the Anglo-Israel truth, and even dedicated his Bible translation to “all those nations who have sprung from the race of the British Isles.” Fenton even engaged in one formal debate defending the Israel message in Yorkshire, England, in February of 1888.