Pastor Peter John Peters (1946–2011)

By: Matthew D. Dyer

Pastor Peter John Peters was born November 13th, 1946, and passed away on July 7th, 2011, at his ranch near Laramie Wyoming. Peters was the Pastor of the independent Laporte Church of Christ for 33 years and founded Scriptures for America Worldwide Ministries. Peters was a graduate of the School of Agriculture of the University of Nebraska and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University in Agricultural Business & Economics. Before going into Christian ministry, he had a successful career with the United States Department of Agriculture.

Peters was called into Christian ministry and attended the Church of Christ Bible Training School in Gering, Nebraska, from which, after three years of study, he received a baccalaureate degree in Sacred Literature in Bible & Bible-Related Studies. After years of preaching Peters and his wife Cheri were traveling one night and came across a radio program by Pastor Sheldon Emry of America’s Promise Ministries, in which Peters had his wife write down the address to the ministry and sent for some literature containing a basic Anglo-Israel message. Peters rejected it at first, but in 1984 he was ordained under Pastor Emry to preach the Anglo-Israel message.

Peters took up the same format of Sheldon Emry’s ministry of using cassette tapes and radio to get the Anglo-Israel message out to the masses. Instead of using only AM radio to get the message out, in the mid 1980s Peters founded an hourly Shortwave radio program called Scriptures for America Worldwide, which was aired live during the weekdays up until his death in 2011. On his radio program, Peters preached sermons, interviewed guest, and took phone calls from worldwide listeners.

Peters on the cover of
Media Bypass Magazine in July 1996
SFA’s original website logo

Scriptures for America Worldwide also hosted weekend conferences all over America, as well as the yearly SFA Rocky Mountain Family Bible Camp in Colorado where hundreds of people would send the week listening to live music and speakers from all over the country up until 2006. Some of the speakers at the camps included Col. Jack Mohr, Pastor Earl Jones, Pastor George Southwick, Pastor Ted Weiland, Louis Beam, Richard Kelly Hoskins, Charles A. Weisman, Eustace Mullins, Red Beckman, Pastor Robert Record, Pastor Charles Jennings, Pastor Dave Barley, and many others. SFA also held a yearly Branson, MO conference that was very popular, and had many in attendance while Peters as alive.

In 1992, Peters held a men’s conference in Estes Park Colorado in response to the government murders of Vickie Weaver (age 43) and her son Samuel (age 14) at Ruby Ridge, where Peters, Louis Beam, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, and other men spoke out against these murders. This conference was lied about in the media after 1996 saying that it began the “Militia Movement” of the 1990s and was even mentioned on an episode of Extra in 1997.

SFA Newsletter cover before 2003
Dragon Slayer newsletter cover after 2003

Peters also published a monthly newsletter for Scriptures for America Ministries that went out nationwide, which included articles from himself, a column written by his wife designed for woman, along with articles written by others that contributed to the ministry. In 2003 the newsletter was renamed as The Dragon Slayer Newsletter. Along with radio ministry, preaching at his Church in Laporte, and speaking at different conferences around the country, Peters also wrote many books and booklets on various Bible topics that are listed below.

Pastor Peters and the LaPorte Church of Christ took a stand against a Fort Collins city proposed amendment to the city charter would make any discrimination against homosexuality illegal, including reading what the Bible says concerning the matter. The Church was fined $10 a day from 1988 to 1993 because it refused to sign up as a political action comity after paying for a newspaper ad opposing the bill, and in February 1993 the Fort Collins police broke into the Church and stole the contents of the building in order to pay for the supposed fines and padlocked the Church. Sheriff Schockley did return the keys of the Church to Peters after the seizure before Sunday morning, but the Sheriff’s department had stolen everything out of the Church including the clock on the wall. The congregation met that Sunday for worship service, and Peters preached that following Sunday a sermon titled “What Time Is It.”

Newspaper clipping from The Daily Sentinel March 14th 1993

Starting in 1993 until 1995 Peters hosted a one-hour television program aired on satellite and local stations called Truth for the Times. The program was a success for a short time before being “canceled” because of the controversial subjects Peters wasn’t afraid of addressing. In fact, Peters was “canceled” off of many radio and television stations during his ministry long before it was a “cool” thing.

Peters had such guest on Truth for the Times as Pastor Earl Jones, Col. Jack Mohr, Peter Marshall, Texe Marrs, Dr. Paul Cameron, Fred Phelps, Sheriff Richard Mack, Biblical Archeologist E. Raymond Capt, and the guest that ended up getting the show canceled was Ernst Zundel. During Peters ministry he was not afraid of taking on controversial issues that other Pastors were afraid to speak on, and by choosing to take a stand and speak on these issues he made enemies in the liberal media, SPLC, the ADL, and even other so-called Christians. You may be thinking that happens all the time in the 2020s to someone, but in the 1980s & 1990s this was not as common as it is today.

A few years before Peters death he also hosted another television program called Scriptures from America that was broadcast from Ukraine. Peters was a very busy man during his ministry and in my opinion after documenting different Anglo-Israel ministries, Pastor Peters and Scriptures for America was one of largest of Anglo-Israel ministry in history while Peters was alive. Several years before his death the ministry even purchased a shortwave radio transmitter WTWW in Lebanon, Tennessee, and broadcast Peters sermons and other material put out by the ministry 24/7 with no commercials. As of this writing, the shortwave transmitter is still broadcasting 24/7 with his past sermons.

There are many out there that love and hate Peter Peters for their own reasons, but in a world full of lukewarm Christians and anti-Christ, let this man be remembered for having the guts to take a stand for what he believed in, and that is our Lord Jesus Christ, His Kingdom, and His Word.

Peters interviewing Biblical Archeologist E. Raymond Capt on Truth for the Times
Newspaper clipping from The Daily Record April 20th 1995

Books and Booklets by Pastor Peter J. Peters

The Greatest Discovery of Our Age (1985)
A Double-Minded People (1988)
Strength of a Hero and the Warrior’s Song (1989)
The Inadvertent Confession of a Jew (1990)
A Just Look at Racism (1990)
A Scriptural Understanding of the Race Issue (1990)
John Lennon Imagined a New World Order (1991)
America the Conquered (1991)
Saving the Environment New World Order Style (1992)
The Greatest Love Story Never Told (1993)
Baal Worship (1995)
Whores Galore (1995)
Rejoice Always (2001)
Revealing the Man of Sin (2007)
Death Penalty for Homosexuals is Prescribed in the Bible (1992)
How To Become A Christian
Martin Luther King Jr: His Dream, Our Nightmare!
Awake O America!
Terrible Tare-able Stories
Solar Sanity -vs.- Lunar Lunacy
A Bible Story
Communion—It’s Potential Blessings, Curses & Need
Everything You Wanted to Know About Gun Control
The Real Hate Group
Spiritual Manna For The Wilderness Bible verses
The Bible — Handbook for Survivalists, Racists, Tax Protestors, Militants and Right- Wing Extremists
Warning: Vaccinations are Dangerous!
The Stolen Birthright & the Coming Destruction
Thanksgiving The True Story
Authority: Resistance or Obedience?
Four Stages for Spiritual Truth
The Real Meaning of the Rich Man and Lazarus
Christians Who are Offended by Jesus
Preachers or Pimps?