Pro. Charles A. L. Totten (1851 – 1908)

Pro. Charles A. L. Totten (1851 – 1908) was a West Point graduate, a professor of military tactics at Yale University, and a prolific author. After his service with the United States military, he dedicated his life to sharing the Anglo-Israel truth and wrote over 25 books on the subject. Most of these books were in a series of books titled Our Race which were published several times a year during the 1890s and early 1900s, and most were between 200-400 pages. After Totten’s death the Totten Memorial Association donated all of Totten’s unsold books and book plates to Howard B. Rand’s Anglo-Saxon Federation of America.

Books written by Totten are The Romance of History: Lost Israel Found (1890), Joshua’s Long Day and the Dial of Ahaz (1890), Lost Israel Found in Anglo-Saxon (1890), The Riddle of History, a Chronological Itinerary Through the Period of the Judges (1892), Fall of Jerusalem (1892), Answer of History (1893), The Gospel of History (1900), and many others.