Pro. Edward Faraday Odlum (1850-1935)

Pro. Edward Faraday Odlum, M.A., B.S., B.Sc, F.R.G.S., F.A.S., F.R.C.I (1850-1935) was a Canadian educator, scientist, author and businessman. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1883. Odlum grew up in Anglican/Methodist Church background, and someone he knew knowing he had a great interest in history, asked him if he ever consider that the Anglo-Saxon people were Israelites, and he replied “pure nonsense.” He was given Anglo-Israel material in order to sit down and rebut it openly and found out his task was not as easy as he thought it would be, and realized it was truth. He studied the Anglo-Israel truth for thirty years and was a major advocate of it. Odlum started meeting with a small group regularly in Vancouver that would later be known as the British Israel Association which formed in 1909, and in 1968 changed its name to The Association of Covenant People, which is still active today. Odlum wrote the following books in his lifetime: The Bible Basis of A Perpetual Israel Kingdom Governed by the Royal Line of David (1929), God’s Covenant Man: British-Israel (1916), Great Britain Great (1926).

Professor Odlum went on to co-founder a Bible school with Rev. William Pascoe Goard that was ran out of the Grandview Congregational Church, which was Pastored by Goard. He was a Pastor at the Bethany Mission in Vancouver the last six years of his life. His son Brig-General Victor W. Odlum was a highly decorated military man and followed his father’s footsteps promoting the Anglo-Israel message speaking often at Anglo-Israel conference just like his father.