Rev. Dinsdale T. Young (1861-1938)

Rev. Dinsdale T. Young (1861-1938) was a well-known English Methodist minister. He begins preaching at just age fifteen and went on to preach in numerous Wesleyan churches throughout England. He was elected the president of Wesleyan Conference in 1914. Dinsdale travel around 10,000 miles most years preaching at various churches, and it is estimated that in his lifetime he preached over 30,000 sermons. Harold Murray wrote a biography on Rev. Young in 1938, and on page 105-106 says this concerning Dinsdale and his view on the Anglo-Israel message:

“I must not forget one other great movement in which the doctor was keenly interested, The British Israel Movement. A great many notable lectures in connection with it have been delivered at Westminster Central Hall. Dr. Young, always interested in any body which based its teachings on the Word of God, early became convinced that this one was on the right lines. I am not aware that he referred to it at length in his sermons, but he gave his support to the organization in many ways. The British Israel World Federation long had his active interest. He often explained why: “I express my obligation to this grand Federation… because of the light it is casting on the Bible, and because of the way in which it is calling attention to the Bible.” On the last occasion on which he spoke at a Congress of the Federation, he declared with characteristic emphasis that the great weakness in many Churches today.”