Rev. Fountain E. Pitts (1808-1874)

Rev. Fountain E. Pitts (1808-1874) was a Confederate chaplain and Methodist minister born in Georgetown, Kentucky. During his lifetime he was very well known and traveled much of the south part of the United States preaching the Gospel. He was the first Pastor of the West End United Methodist Church, at that time known as McKendree Church in Nashville, TN, and was appointed to that position by Holland Nimmons McTyeire who was the co-founder of Vanderbilt University. Although I have found no evidence of Rev. Pitts being affiliated with any Anglo-Israel groups, in 1857 he was invited to delivered two sermons before a joint session of Congress in Washington D.C. where he identified the United States and its people as the land of regathered Israel. This sermon was then published in a book titled In Defense of Armageddon.