Rev. James Hatley Frere (1779 – 1866)

Rev. James Hatley Frere (1779 – 1866) was an English author and was a developer of a tactile alphabet system for teaching the blind to read, similar to Braille. Rev. Frere wrote a book in 1815 titled A Combined View of the Prophecies of Daniel, Esdras, and St. John where he identifies the British and kindred people as part of the Israel people of the Bible.

Some of the known works of Frere:
A combined view of the prophecies of Daniel, Esdras, and St. John (1815)
On the General Structure of the Apocalypse, being a brief introduction to its minute interpretation (1826)
Eight Letters on the Prophecies relating to the last times (1831)
Three Letters on the Prophecies (1859)

The Art of Teaching to Read by Elementary Sounds (1840)
A Letter to Lord Wharncliffe, in reply to the allegations made by the London Society for Teaching the Blind to Read, against the Phonetic Method of Instruction (1843)
The Harvest of the Earth (1846)
The Great Continental Revolution, marking the Expiration of the Times of the Gentiles (1848)
Preface to the Second Edition of the Great Continental Revolution (1849)
Directions for Teaching the Blind to Read on the Phonetic Principle (1851)
Grammar [embossed] for the Blind on the Principle of the Combination of Elementary Sounds (1851)

The New Testament book The Gospel of Matthew embossed in in the Frere tactile alphabet from 1848
Page from the Gospel of Matthew embossed with Frere tactile alphabet from 1837