Rev. James Mountain (1844-1933)

Rev. James Mountain (1844-1933) was an Baptist minister, author, and famous hymn writer. James Mountain was born in England, and in the early days of his ministry spent some time in Germany studying at Heidelberg University and was influenced by the German Rationalist Movement, which denied much of the Scriptures as not being inspired by God. He gave a testimony in 1928 at an annual British-Israel conference in London where he describes German Rationalism as challenging his faith in Christianity and the Bible, until he read books by Bishop Jonathan Titcomb and Dr. Herbert Aldersmith and found the Anglo-Israel truth. He gave the Anglo-Israel truth credit as one of the Bible truths that opened his eyes to God’s Word and changed his life forever.

Mountain wrote over 250 hymns during his ministry, and some of them became very popular. Hymns like: Like a River Glorious, At the Name of Jesus, I Am His, and He is Mine. He also published a hymnal in 1876 titled Hymns of Consecration and Faith, as well as two books on the Anglo-Israel message; British-Israel Truth Defended and The Triumph of British-Israel.