Rev. John Wilson M.A. (1799 –1870)

Rev. John Wilson M.A. (1799 –1870) was a Scottish Presbyterian minister and authored the book Our Israelitish Origin. This book was created from lectures he had given during the late 1830s and then the book was published in 1840. The book was successful at spreading the Anglo-Israel message through the English-speaking European countries and laid the groundwork for more information to be discovered about the Anglo-Saxon’s heritage to the Israel people. Mr. Wilson and his work is responsible for the modern Anglo-Israel movement and starting a foundation of knowledge that could be built upon in the years to come by other authors and preachers. During the mid to late 1800s his book Our Israelitish Origin and his publications are responsible for many discovering the Anglo-Israel, and many authors credit him in their work on the Israel message. Along with Wilson’s book, he also had a monthly publication called The Watchmen of Ephraim which was very popular and was distributed throughout England.