Richard Reader Harris (1847-1909)

Richard Reader Harris (1847-1909) was a prominent English Barrister, counselor to Queen Victoria, Methodist minister and founder of the Pentecostal League of Prayer, and author of over 34 books. Harris wrote a book concerning the Anglo-Israel message The Lost Tribes of Israel and in that book laid out his belief in this truth. On page 59 of that book, he makes that point that the Anglo-Israel truth silences the atheist saying this:

“It (Anglo-Israel truth) will to a large extent silence the infidel. If we take the three foremost infidels of modern times, Tom Paine, David Hume, and Charles Bradlaugh, we find that all three in large measure base their infidelity on the apparent failure or non-fulfillment of the Bible promises to Israel.”

Harris personally knew Charles Bradlaugh, who was a prominent atheist of his day, from attending Bradlaugh’s Ethical Society. It has been stated that Bradlaugh converted to Christianity in later in life after realizing the Anglo-Israel message was true. It is not uncommon for men to convert to Christianity after hearing this truth, but I have not been able to confirm this idea. Harris is correct though; the promises of Israel are often used by infidels against the Bible when viewing the modern-day Jews as Israel.